DUI and Immigration

Being charged with driving under the influence is a petrifying experience for the ordinary person. In most cases, being arrested for driving under the influence will not lead to deportation. However, there is a possibility that if a non-citizen is arrested and convicted of driving under the influence, that he or she could be deported.

A removable offense is one where the person convicted has certain immigration consequences. A removable offense can be classified as a deportable crime if the individual can be deported, or removed from the United States, for it. The other classification for a removable offense is if the crime is an “inadmissible” one, meaning that if convicted, and the individual leaves the United States, he or she cannot re-enter the States thereafter.

A Nevada DUI conviction can be a deportable offense if the charge was a Felony DUI that occurs within five (5) years of the individual's admission into the United States; the driver has a previous conviction for DUI or a prior offense involving moral turpitude; if illegal drugs or a firearm were found on the driver or in the driver's possession at the time of the arrest or the DUI involves an allegation of domestic violence.

Typically, a crime of moral turpitude is something the Court considers to be especially depraved and malicious, or one that violates the accepted moral standards of the United States. The crime can be a misdemeanor or felony offense and includes many crimes that you would expect, such as murder, kidnapping and sexual assault, but also includes crimes you would not expect, such as an unpaid casino marker. The exact definition is not defined for the Courts in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

An alien will be considered to have committed an inadmissible crime if he or she is determined to be a drug addict or an alcoholic; if the non-citizen driver had illegal drugs with him or her at the time of arrest; had a prior criminal conviction and the total sentence exposure of all sentences (including the DUI) is at least five (5) years in prison. Finally, the immigration Court may have the discretion to consider the DUI a crime involving moral turpitude, which will lead to the alien being deemed inadmissible.

When a non-citizen is convicted of a deportable offense, it does not matter how long the individual has been in the United States for or whether or not the individual had a green card. When a non-citizen has been deported, the individual's green card may be revoked and they will be removed from the United States and barred from coming back for many years. If the non-citizen is accused and convicted of an inadmissible, they can never return to the United States once they leave. It does not matter if the citizen was legally in the United States or not.

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