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If you have been charged with driving drunk in Las Vegas, also known as DWI (driving while intoxicated), or DUI (driving under the influence) in Nevada, you are facing some serious penalties.

Drunk driving convictions cost.

Nevada drunk driving penalties - - as defined under Nevada law in Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 484C - - include mandatory fines, classes, an increase in the cost of your insurance, the loss of your driver's license and even jail time. While many people may think “it's just a Misdemeanor,” when considering a drunk driving offense, in actuality, the cost of a DUI offense is staggering. Many experts estimate that the total cost of a first offense DUI conviction, when you factor in costs for towing, bail, alcohol evaluations, required classes, victim impact panels, mandatory fines, court costs, driver's license reinstatement fees and the like, is somewhere between $10,000.00 and $20,000.00. When you include the years of increased costs of auto insurance after a DUI conviction, that cost can double. To put it into perspective, going to jail and losing tens of thousands of dollars means that drunk driving is not “just another misdemeanor” offense that is minor in nature. In fact, any criminal law expert will tell you that DUI cases can be some of the most complicated and complex cases there are. Drunk Driving cases almost always involve multiple Constitutional law issues and expert medical and scientific witnesses utilizing the latest advances in technology. When faced with such issues, it is important to have an experienced Las Vegas Drunk Driving DUI defense attorney on your side to help protect your interests and guide you through the process.

At the Nevada law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck, Partner Josh Tomsheck has experience in all facets of Drunk Driving (DUI DWI) cases, and specializes in the assistance of those charged with Drunk Driving, DUI or DWI charges. As a former Chief Deputy District Attorney, Josh Tomsheck was part of the academy of instructors that lectured and taught the police and other members of law enforcement the same Constitutional law issues that arise in almost every Drunk Driving case. Josh is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, widely recognized as the most elite organization in the United States focused on education and information regarding the defense of individuals charged with Drunk Driving offenses. Attorney Tomsheck is one (1) of only eight (8) lawyers in Las Vegas to be admitted as a member of the College.

At the Law Firm of Hofland & Tomsheck we have the experience to quickly understand the issues in your Drunk Driving (DUI DWI) case and identify potential defenses that are available to you. We know how to fight Drunk Driving charges. And we know how to win.


LVNVDUI.COM and the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck handles cases and represents individuals, both residents and visitors, charged with DUI and Drunk Driving offenses.

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If you are arrested or charged with a DUI in Las Vegas or surrounding areas, finding the best lawyer to fight for you should be your top priority. Just because you have been arrested does NOT mean you will be convicted. Attorney Josh Tomsheck of the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck find the best defense to your Nevada DUI charge - - Fighting for Justice - - Fighting for you!