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Don't forget  - - when you are pulled over or approached about a DUI charge, you have rights.  If you DO forget, the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck has a reminder that you can carry with you at all times you are behind the wheel. 

The Nevada Driver's rights card was created by Partner Josh Tomsheck of the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck and is your reminder, as well as a reminder to law enforcement, that you not only have rights, but that you have the ability to invoke your rights when being investigated for driving under the influence.  You can simply hand the card to law enforcement ANY time you are being investigated for a driving under the influence (“DUI”) charge - - or ANY criminal charge for that matter. 

What is the Driver's Rights Card

The Nevada Driver's Rights Card is simply a written invocation (or assertion) of an individual's legal, both constitutional and statutory, rights.  The idea behind the card is that when a driver is nervous or experiencing that adrenaline rush that we all have felt when we see the red and blue lights of a police car in our rearview mirrors, he or she will be able to not only recall, but assert, their individual rights.  The card politely and succinctly informs the member of law enforcement or police officer that the person being investigated or suspected of a crime, wishes to speak with an attorney immediately; does not agree to questioning by law enforcement; does not agree to a search of their person, property or affects; and further wishes to go on about their business if they are indeed free to leave.  Many people are afraid to assert these rights when approached by police.  The Nevada Driver's Rights Card allows the person being investigated to not only assert these rights, but to do so without saying a thing.  The rights asserted by the Nevada Driver's Rights Card are not unrealistic or inappropriate, they are the most simple constitutional principles afforded by our United States and Nevada Constitutions.   

What the Nevada Driver's Rights Card IS NOT

The Nevada Driver's Rights card is a very important collection of the rights of individuals in this Country and this State.  It IS NOT a “get out of jail free card.”  It IS NOT intended to encourage people to get behind the wheel drunk or impaired.  Driving while Intoxicated is illegal and is ALWAYS a very, very, bad idea.   It IS NOT meant to guarantee that you will not be arrested or charged with a criminal offense.  In fact, if you are driving while under the influence you will most certainly get arrested and will most likely be formally charged in a Court of law.  Asserting your rights via the Nevada Driver's Rights Card is simply a method to invoke your rights and communicate to members of law enforcement without hurting yourself in your case. 


If you have been arrested for a DUI, or know someone who has, we can help.  If you want to ask us questions about your rights, or request a FREE COPY of your Nevada Driver's Rights Card, call us today at (702) 895-6760 or submit your case online (click here) today.  We offer a FREE, no obligation case evaluation with our experienced DUI attorney.  Just because you were arrested, DOES NOT mean you must be convicted!  Contact the law firm of Hofland & Tomsheck - - “Fighting for Justice, Fighting for YOU!”


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